Prescriptions page

If you are due your repeat prescription please order at the desk or call the surgery on 074 91 67000. Please indicate the medications you want on your prescription list.

Your safety is paramount, therefore to ensure we are prescribing appropriately for you we ask that:

  • You give 48 hoursa�� notice of which medications you require. This allows time for the doctor to review your notes prior to signing the prescription.
  • We ask that you come for a regular annual medication review. Some medications require review more frequently and will be guided by your GP. Often, we will require monitoring such as blood tests.
  • When ordering an oestrogen containing contraceptive pill, we will only be able to prescribe this if we have seen you in the last 6 months to ensure it is still a safe and appropriate contraceptive for you.

In regards to controlled medications such as opiates (e.g. morphine) and benzodiazepines (e.g. diazepam) prescriptions are tightly monitored by your named GP. Please see our controlled drugs prescribing policy.